The golden days

By: Sarah Ruth, Bangkok Refugee Young Writers Contest Awardee

“Home”… Oh, what a sweet word it is! This one word brings all the emotions, memories and love. After all, home is not just a building made of bricks and cement, but it is where everyone lives together in harmony with each other. It is a place to share, care and love. Here people make…



Home is where the heart is

By: Sharon K., Bangkok Refugee Young Writers Contest Awardee

Dripping sand, cement, worn-out painted walls; Cats eat rats, rats eating cockroaches and cockroaches eat everything. Her grandma’s unique cooking, the screeching cry of her brother yelling for his favorite toy. Smoke from the inebriating charcoal, her mom shouting for her to clean up after herself. That is what the 10-year-old Sharon imagines when she…





-Fine tune feeling-

By: Sarah McArthur

I go out into the morning, I try not to tune the feeling too much. If I can make one line that is true, it is enough. Just before I had spent hours trying to be important and what a waste it was. My work looking up in state of permission asking, “Is it good enough…



Welcome to hellstrip

By: Samuel Greenlee

The parcel of land goes by many names. Hellstrip, planting strip, outlawn, greenway, verge. It is that space between the sidewalk and the street, a sort of no man’s land that might be filled with sod, a tree, or dirt piles and dandelions. The verge in front of our home was largely barren when we…



Love in the time of coronavirus

By: Steve Yates

Wednesday morning.  4:00 a.m. or so.  Another worry-filled day approaching. As I continue to rest in my warm, comfortable bed I begin my ritual of praying for my kids, grandkids. When I get to my Parkinson’s list I get hung up thinking about Tom and his wife Jeanie*. I finally get up, let the…

The second bedroom downstairs

By: Deborah Pless

you can have the second bedroom downstairs

move in your boxes and don’t mind how the crows will scream

at the glory of another sunrise

every damn day

just – put away your books and focus on the light come dappled through the trees…



Things You Do Not Know

Music and Lyrics By:  Tara Ward

LYRICS I was right to wile away the hours in the summertime

I do not regret the springs that opened up in me and overflowed

Just to bring us back together

Oh baby the things we did not know…

Strands of rebellion

By: Karisa Keasy

They sit cross-legged in the grass. The sun reflects on the dew in the community garden, highlighting Durga’s contagious smile. She sits in a bright green kameez with a dupatta draped around her head, binding her midnight silk hair. Her husband, Phauda, sits beside her, twirling blades of grass. Durga’s laugh lines deepen as she…



A welcome distraction

By: Stephanie Platter

Jacob wrestled with God. I have no idea why. I have no idea how. I just know that he did. I know because I too wrestle with God. I’m wrestling now. Confounded by the parasitic terrorist of a germ threatening my normalcy and yours. So I walk to the water to make sense of it…

Unwelcome thoughts

By: Rachel Womelsduff Gough

1. My living room has two forts and one mattress.

The forts are new.

The mattress is left over from a sleepover the weekend before this madness hit.

I like to keep the downstairs tidy in case we have company.

The forts might be with us for awhile.

2. My daughter’s teacher calls.…

Maybe it’s exodus, not revolution.

By: J.M. Roddy

What if your authentic self is not welcomed? In recent months, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have made headlines for stepping down as senior royals. I don’t read celebrity gossip, and I can’t claim to judge their character. But the act itself struck me as brave. Markle has been under intense media scrutiny, and there’s…



Home sweet home

By: Sharoon J., Bangkok Refugee Young Writers Contest Awardee

A small, square slab decorated with beautiful flowers around it, always grabbed my attention in my early years. It was hung above the entrance door of my home. I always admired the beautiful colors and often asked my grandmother what’s written on it. She used to tell me that it was written “Home Sweet Home”.…


By: Any Vo Doan, Bangkok Refugee Young Writers Contest Awardee

The spring is oncoming, and that just remind me all about my old home Vietnam. During the middle of January, we will celebrate Vietnamese traditional holidays. You might not know the name of it so Vietnamese we called: “TET holidays,” which means new year for us. It’s been more than 2 years. I don’t remember…



Wombat ways

By: Marissa B. Niranjan

You stifle a cough, so others won’t stare

but can you spare a square?

You yell, you scratch, you’re quite a pair

but can you spare a square?

Don’t be lured into our lair

but can you spare a square?

This moment is heavy, and equally rare

but can you spare a square?

They don’t…