The Kindreds began as a writing group in Seattle in October 2010, meeting at Shari’s diner to drink coffee, eat pie, do timed writes, and share the often solitary writer’s life in a community of kindred spirits. This magazine became our collaborative offering with our first issue in May 2015. After nearly six years, Kindred Mag is being retired in March of 2021.

The Minimalist

Claire Carey Deering lives with her husband and son in a small desert town. She doesn’t write as much these days, but she loves symbolism, so she is especially excited to tell you her new house is on Hope Drive.

The Altruist

Marissa B. Niranjan is an only child who happens to be married to an identical twin. When she’s not chasing after her three lovely kids, she’s saving snow leopards at the world’s largest conservation organization dedicated to protecting the endangered cat. She is also a certified birth doula and feels there is no greater privilege than holding space for people as they welcome life into the world. She enjoys a hot cuppa, though it’s usually lukewarm thanks to the aforementioned chasing of the three lovely kids.

The Learner

J.M. RODDY writes fantasy novels and narrates audiobooks from Bend, Oregon. Find her on Audible as Joanna Roddy or at

The Empath

For SPlatter, as her students call her, writing is that creative outlet, that necessary escape when life feels challenging. Her voice in prose leans poetic, but she hopes her dialogue feels instinctual, honest. She spends most of her writing time on screenplays. She’s drummed up a novel or two. She hopes her wordsmithing will become both on-screen comfort films and the curved spine of the well-loved novel tossed in the backseat, often revisited, and discussed over coffee. Stephanie Platter loves singing at church with her family, and in her day job she teaches her passions to high schoolers. She writes when it rains, so it’s a good thing she lives in Seattle.

The Pastor

Rachel Womelsduff Gough channels all of her creative energy into writing sermons, shepherding her flock, and fostering shalom in the community as Co-Lead Pastor of Monroe Covenant Church in Monroe, WA. Someday she will get around to writing a murder mystery series set in a small town featuring a sassy clergywoman amateur sleuth.

The Sprite

Bridget headshot

Bridget Beth Collins forages flowers, paints botanicals, writes sci fi and fantasy, and adores moths. She is constantly seeking light and beauty in a world she finds frightening and dark. When she finds it, she cannot help but share it with gleeful enthusiasm. She resides in Ravenna, Seattle with a bunch of dwarfs (her husband and three little boys) in a cottage with a round door. See her work at


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