The Kindreds began as a writing group in October 2010, meeting at Shari’s diner to drink coffee, eat pie, do timed writes, and share the often solitary writer’s life in a community of kindred spirits. The group has changed over the years, but the camaraderie, friendship, support, and drive has only increased with time. Each of us is committed to bringing a little bit of beauty, truth, and light into the world through our writing, and this magazine is our collaborative offering.

CONTACT: thekindredmag[at]gmail[dot]com

The Minimalist


Claire Carey Deering believes less is more, in writing and in life. She’s not too fond of makeup (much to her mother’s chagrin) or clutter, but can’t get enough of sentences that cut to the heart and people that others overlook. She spends her days dreaming up characters, writing YA and memoir, and enjoying the grace of a second chance. Claire currently lives in Seattle, but feels most at home wherever her husband and son happen to be.

The Altruist

Marissa headshot

Marissa B. Niranjan is a quarter Italian, only child, married to an Indian who happens to be an identical twin. When she’s not chasing after her tiny humans, she’s saving snow leopards at the world’s largest conservation organization dedicated to protecting the endangered cat. She is constantly editing emails to pare down her excessive use of exclamation points, and you can tell what type of mood she’ll be in based on how many times she’s had to warm up her morning coffee in the microwave. She loves her kids to the moon and back, but she really misses hot coffee.

The Learner

Screen shot 2015-04-26 at 10.24.40 AM

J.M. RODDY is endlessly curious. She’ll try anything once, whether it’s butter coffee, ozone therapy, paper flower-making, or foisting a new recipe on unsuspecting dinner guests. J.M. hopes to advocate for those suffering from chronic illness, women, minorities, and other voices from the margins. You can find her recovering from autoimmune illness and working on her latest novel in Bend, Oregon with her two children, husband, and ginger cat. J.M. writes fantasy books, repped by Cooke McDermid. She also narrates and produces audiobooks for Audible as Joanna Roddy. Find her at

The Sprite

Bridget headshot

Bridget Beth Collins forages flowers, paints botanicals, writes sci fi and fantasy, and adores moths. She is constantly seeking light and beauty in a world she finds frightening and dark. When she finds it, she cannot help but share it with gleeful enthusiasm. She resides in Ravenna, Seattle with a bunch of dwarfs (her husband and three little boys) in a cottage with a round door. See her work at

The Muse

Writing is instinct, impulse, catharsis. It’s wordsmithing the poetry of every day happenings mixed with the prose of perfect wonderment. How does anyone deal with anything in life without a pen in hand? Stephanie Platter is a teacher, writer, singer, film critic. She learned to love good coffee on the rain-stained street corners of Seattle. She learned to love imperfect people in church. For her, nothing beats fresh mountain air and sunrises, except maybe a meltably well-crafted sentence or a movie that makes her cry. Visit her movie review site: Splatter: on FILM

The Scout

Rachel headshot

Rachel Womelsduff Gough and her family ditched the city for a patch of earth in the Snoqualmie Valley. Cheered on by her husband and two blonde babes, Rachel learns by getting her hands dirty, whether it’s gardening, chicken farming, canning, neighboring, or adventuring with soulmates in wild places. She reads constantly, and can’t live without coffee, flowers, and classic mystery stories.

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