By Nicole Schowalter

I am an extreme extrovert with a story for everything.

My inherent optimism balances my propensity to “catastrophize.” Every day, I try to embrace this dichotomy. Writing helps.

The paradox of gifts

My Love Language results will tell you. Any astrology description of my sign, Leo, “the prideful lion,” will corroborate it too. I love gifts. I love everything about gifts. I enjoy the art of finding the perfect gift just as much as I love writing the thank you notes for the ones I’ve received. The…

This whole rhapsody

My voice caught firmly in my throat.  When it finally made its way out, after what seemed like at least a decade, it trembled mercilessly. I sounded like a fifth grader giving her first book report. I certainly had everyone’s attention now. This was the last thing they expected to hear from me, and my…