Trepidatious Welcome (aka Baring Gifts)


History prepares me

To welcome the Monster at my gate


To treat him kindly

To not look away

No matter how gruesome

He appears to me


How rudely he barges in

Uninvited and                yet

Not totally unexpected

Though I shunned him    overwhelmingly


After all, he is no fun

You see


I felt his presence pounding

At my door

His cold breath

Licking up my neck


In this moment

I am steeled

Or so     I seem


To greet him

Offer     tea


After all

He is  my Guru

My Sensei

My Teacher


Glory be


I am here to learn           again

Whatever for


This Life has


unto me


Inspiritu: COVID19.

The classroom is enormous this time around.

BECCA LAVIN is a massage therapist. She is a somewhat mature human consumed with childish glee when surrounded by the arts—visual, tactile, messy, human arts. She is a lover of the written word, the spoken word, the sung word, and small visual delights brought into focus or, purposefully, out.

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