By Nina Elliot

Nina Elliot is a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach who lives in Front Royal VA homeschooling her 4 kids. She is a Washington transplant to Virginia via LA. where she took her acting career as far as 3 seconds in a in a P. Diddy music video, Nina now shoots and edits home videos for her and her Husbands online Wellness Coaching Programs, very similar. ;) Nina loves to cook and is into traditional foods such as making her own beet kvass, ginger ale and bone broth with chicken feet.

New mercies

I am typing this on a borrowed laptop. The ceiling paint above me is cracked and peeling, tainted with yellow stains. The bedroom door won’t shut into a door frame deformed from years of settling. I can see out the window because several of the blinds are cracked or missing, but the view is incredible.…