Things You Do Not Know



Tara Ward


Tara Ward | voice

Nathanael Washam | voice

Mark Mohrlang | guitars

Mauricio Carrillo | engineering and mixing


Nickerson Street Studios 


Skye Harvey | Self Portrait in Metamorphosis


Lacey Brown


I was right to wile away the hours in the summertime

I do not regret the springs that opened up in me and overflowed 

Just to bring us back together.


Oh baby the things we do not know.


He was there. We would tell each other secrets in that summertime.      

Days without a care, all the time we spent before you then this mystery

And we’re all in this together now, but


Oh baby the things you do not know.


I could say that I have loved you first

I could say that I have loved you worst on some days

In the end it’s best not to compare

Still what I hope hangs always in the air between us 

Is that to love you well is the only thing

I truly want with all my heart

But it’s hard to open up to you these feelings that

Keep welling up inside me these days.

I don’t know how to flesh them all out wisely now and


Oh baby these things I do not know

will continue to grow.


Tara Ward is a singer/songwriter, vocal coach and stay at home mom. Her past projects include the bands Late Tuesday and The Opiate Mass as well as curating worship for Church of the Beloved in Edmonds. If you would like to peruse her music catalog or inquire about singing lessons go to


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