-Fine tune feeling-

I go out into the morning,

I try not to tune the feeling too much.

If I can make one line that is true, it is enough.

Just before I had spent hours trying to be important

and what a waste it was.

My work looking up in state of permission asking,

“Is it good enough to be loved?”

How silly I was thinking the world needed my help to be alive.

How silly I must have looked, heaving and lifting,

trying to carry its weight on my frail shoulders

when I could have just been writing it down,

everything as it already was. 




SARAH currently lives and works in Edmonds, Washington. She would describe herself as painfully shy by nature but has learned to overcome it by simply pretending not to be. She says it mostly works unless it doesn’t. When she’s not hanging out with her sisters, she enjoys running, eating, reading, taking pictures and staying up too late.

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