The Opiate Mass is releasing an Easter album. This song is a piece based on the biblical text of Mary in the book of Luke. It’s a sacred piece, full of possibility. Enjoy listening to the song and reading the lyrics below.


Anima mea magnificat dominum  


My soul proclaims your greatness, O God

And my spirit rejoices in you, my Savior

You’ve looked with favor on the lowest of the low

Behold beyond all generations I am blessed

The Almighty has done great things for me, and holy is your Name

Your mercy reaches from age to age for those who fear you

You have shown strength with your arm

You have scattered the proud in their conceit


Anima mea magnificat dominum  


You have deposed the mighty from their thrones

And raised the lowly to high places

You have filled the hungry with good things

While you have sent the rich away empty

You have come to the aid of Israel your servant, mindful of your mercy

The promise you made to our ancestors—to Sarah and Abraham and their descendants




Anima mea magnificat dominum  


The Opiate Mass is a performing arts group made up of musicians, songwriters, artists, audio engineers, light designers, and authors. The name is a nod both to the Christian liturgical form and to Karl Marx’s assessment that religion is the opiate for the masses. Perhaps it is; and perhaps the common desire for comfort, rest, escape, or relief are more complicated and mysterious than we know. In our pursuit of creating spaces of beauty and awe, we find ourselves partial to cathedrals, antiquity, ambiance, pipe organs, samplers, synthesizers, incense, tongues, silence, joy, meditation, ambiguity, the abstract.

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