Now for the LoVeWork

Remember what it was like before you became 

Roommates with responsibilities

Brother and sister 

Bickering under your breath


We can hear you

We can see you

We hurt for you 

And we always LoVe You


I think if you touch one another

In more ways than one

Physically, emotionally and spiritually

(LoVe is patient / LoVe is kind / 1Corinthians 13:47)


A brush across the back with a soft hand—supportive

A kiss on the cheek—endearing

A quicksilver or warm and lingering hug—reassuring and brave 

Remember you were both children once—empathy

Think about how what you witnessed while growing impacted you, formed you 

Both good and not so good.


Look into one another’s eyes for more than half a second while darting away 

Like billiard balls on a mission with no other purpose but to hit hard 

And avoid being truly seen—vulnerable

See yourselves in each other—empathy again (can’t get enough)

For we are all complicated, struggling humans trying to be

Doing what we believe is the best that we can


It is never our best / for the best is yet to come / always 

We can do better


Try to think of each other as your only true allies and champions. 

It is you and you against and with the world.


LoVe the effort to come back to one another 

To care for one another

And in doing so, to those that LoVe you.


Do the LoVe Work 

Work the LoVe

BECCA LAVIN is a massage therapist. She is a somewhat mature human consumed with childish glee when surrounded by the arts—visual, tactile, messy, human arts. She is a lover of the written word, the spoken word, the sung word, and small visual delights brought into focus or, purposefully, out.

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