Issue 23: Regret

April 2017

Regret is inevitable. Is it a cancer that eats away at us? Or is it a touchpoint for growth? We might regret the lost relationship, or maybe what we actually regret is that we lingered there too long. We all regret our actions sometimes, but what do we do then? Ignore? Lament? Apologize? Evolve? This month, we offer six portraits of regret, some humorous, some wistful, some wise–all honest. Enjoy.


Cover art by Arnica Luther: Arnica has been creating art as long as she can remember. She loves working with a variety of different media, including pen-and-ink, watercolor, and textile arts like quilting and weaving. Sometimes she gets caught up in creating and doesn’t always remember to add photos of her pieces to Instagram, but she’s working on it! To see more of her work, follow her@aard.lark. She is more than happy to make custom art of any kind.


By: Hannah Lunstrum


Photo Credit: Holger.Ellgaard, Wikimedia Commons

It Wasn’t Always Like This

By: Karen Fallen-Rhodes


The One With the Steak Dinner

By: Stephanie Platter


Practices of Community 

By: Rachel Womelsduff Gough


Two Dreams and A Memory

By: J.M. Roddy


Pulled Punches

By: Marissa B. Niranjan