In Saecula Saeculorum

[introducing the band Solorien]


(words from the traditional latin mass) – 

pacem relìnquo vobis

pacem mean do vobis

qui vivis et regnas in sàecula saeculòrum 

(I leave you peace, my peace I give you. Where you live for ever and ever)




Tara Ward | vocals

Matthew Chism | too many guitars and some beats


Shannon Roche | “A sunset or whatever you need it to be”


To Kindred Magazine, for the gift it has been to so many and for being a sanctuary for me to find my voice again (Tara) after becoming a mother.

 SOLORIEN IS [Bellingham. Reno. Sonic beauty. Electronic vibes. Atari sounds where possible]:

TARA WARD is a singer/songwriter, vocal coach and stay at home mom. Her past projects include the bands Late Tuesday and The Opiate Mass as well as curating worship for Church of the Beloved in Edmonds. If you would like to peruse her music catalog or inquire about singing lessons go to

Matthew Chism is an architectural designer, sonic experimenter, and purveyor of fine science fiction anecdotes. He is a member of The Opiate Mass, often with flailing arms. He now resides in Reno,NV, although his heart will always be with the PNW.

Coming soon:

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