Empathetic movement


Move for me

So I can remember what it feels like

To be lighter than air and so___ 

Very sure of limb

Move for me

In ways my body remembers as if

It were today

When you hold gravity to task

I am fearless once more 

&  Free 

Resist! These universal laws

As ever long you can

Make! Magic! Happen!

Move for me


Like a bird with gyroscopic tic

I was a bird once

Unbeknownst to me

When you Move for me

My empathy kicks in

Oh joy!

Oh Rapture!

Here we go again!

BECCA LAVIN is a massage therapist. She is a somewhat mature human consumed with childish glee when surrounded by the arts—visual, tactile, messy, human arts. She is a lover of the written word, the spoken word, the sung word, and small visual delights brought into focus or, purposefully, out.

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