The hero of my life

A hero is someone who helps people, saves their lives, and risks his life for others. A hero is a person who cares and loves others. Just like Superman, Spiderman, etc.

My grandfather, Mushtaq Ahmad, is my inspiration, my hero. Although he died on 27 March 2016, I look at him as my hero, mentor, and my best friend. I love him so much. Grandparents are a source of information, prosperity, and fun. Not only do they spill pearls of wisdom but also fill our lives with the fragrance of unconditional love and care. Grandparents are known as the root of the family. My Grandparents had always been special for me and they had been a constant source of inspiration. My grandfather gave me confidence and taught me how to handle tough situations. He had been a pillar of support for the family. He showed me how important life really is. He was the one who taught me all the moral lessons and values. We should enjoy our life in every situation.

Don’t be desperate. My grandfather believed in leading a simple life. Though he earned well and could afford a luxury life style. However, he still continued to live in a small house. He believed in spending a good amount of his salary to social work. He was just like my father. Although I had my real father around me, he helped me with problems and with homework. My grandfather was the one who was always there for me. He was the good adviser in my family every person took advice from whenever they were stuck in hurdles. I always learnt from his life and experience. No matter what happened in my life, he was always the one who looked beyond my faults. It seemed like no matter what I had done, I was always a perfect little boy to him. He helped me to get out of the bed every morning and helped me in getting prepared for school at the right time.

He wanted to make me a brave person and made me watch horror movies to make me understand that ghosts do not exist in real life. My grandfather was great at many things. He was very punctual and regular in his work. He was very hardworking by nature. He taught me good habits. Whenever I was wrong in doing anything, he taught me how to do it right in a calm way. He wanted to make me a good person in life. He never let me down. He supports me to learn new things when I was afraid in the beginning. I learnt kindness, love, and affection from him. He brought chocolates, fruits, beautiful toys, and other required things for study.

I shared all my secrets with my grandfather and go running to him whenever I am confused about anything in life. Whenever I had a fight with my friends or am unable to concentrate on studies or am unable to choose which co-curricular activity to go for, I know whom to ask. He knows me extremely well. He also told me stories at night, and I liked to listen to new stories from him every night. He was the first person who taught me not to hurt anyone. He told me always speak the truth. He was a faithful person, understanding and humorous. My grandfather was a big believer of God. He loved to go to Mosque. Sometimes, when he was down and sick, he continued to attend Mosque.

My grandmother expired at the age of 54, and then he managed to do all his work by himself because he does not like to worry others for small things.

“A family with an old person has a living treasure of gold.” I am proud of my grandfather. He was a noble soul who is dedicated towards helping others. His teachings and values inspire me to become a better human being.

Aqib Ahmad won first place in the 10-14 year-old age group. Aqib is from Pakistan and loves to write small morals in his free time. His hobbies include playing football, cycling, and basketball. He loves parrots and McDonalds is his favorite food.

To view all of the essay winners, please visit (and like!) the Bangkok Refugee Young Writer Contest’s Facebook Page.


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