The Phoenix


The Phoenix—Tara Ward with Special Weapons

Song and vocals: Tara Ward

Song arrangement, synths, and sounds: Matthew D. Chism (aka Special Weapons)

Mixed by Lacey Brown at Nervous Breakdance Studios, Seattle WA

Artwork: Cecelia Romero Likes


See her fly above the seas

Inexperienced not she

Any constraints—she’ll break free

And find a truer space


Illuminated, taking wing

Freed once more to rise and sing

Unhindered by anything

She burns to take her place


I am the mystic

I am the quiet

I am survivor

I am the riot

I’m unabashed

I am made new

I am the Phoenix

Sun Breaking through



No more hell

Walking on shells

No more trying telepathic things

Tying to strings

All I cannot nail down

Watch me rise up from the ash

Golden days and no backlash

Time is fleeting. I was rash

Lost and barely found


I am no longer

Afraid of this glory

It’s bright revelation

I’ll live out it’s story

I have a voice now

And I will be loud

I am the Phoenix

Apart from the


Crowd me no longer with your thoughts

No longer with your judgement

No longer with your justification


Me no longer with your words

No longer with your splits

No longer with your casual poison


I am the Phoenix

The sun breaking through

I am the Phoenix

I am made new

I am no longer afraid of my power

I am the Phoenix

And this is my hour

After starting her writing career at age six focusing mostly on fictitious fables about dogs, Tara Ward quickly moved into music and focused her creative talents there. Known best for being a member of Late Tuesday and The Opiate Mass, as well as the music curator for Church of the Beloved in Edmonds WA, Tara has birthed many other scattered songs and projects, as well as two children. She resides in Lynnwood, WA, where she and her husband share a love of Tolkien, Irish culture, and other nerdy yet charming interests. Find more of her music and performance info at or her Facebook page here.




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