Watercolor Pumpkins | The Mint Gardener Art by Sarah Simon

We are thrilled to feature Sarah Simon’s beautiful painting as our cover art for the October SURPRISE! issue of Kindred Magazine. Sarah describes herself as “a wife and Momma, Jesus follower, and Seattle native.” She’s the Artist Illustrator behind @TheMintGardener on Instagram and Etsy. Drawing inspiration from the ever-blooming variety of textures and colors in her urban garden, Sarah draws and paints enchanting watercolors with crisp, cool hues and clever colloquialisms. When she’s not hugging her babies or digging in the garden, she’s seeking out quiet moments for sketching and painting, making small bouquets of flowers and herbs from her garden, or reading. Sarah and her husband love to explore new places and enjoy anything ocean, friend, food, or eating related. She calls the Pacific Northwest home, and yes, she does enjoy the gloomy and rainy gray days a bit more than the hot, sunny ones. Find her on Instagram or on Etsy.

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