Lettering by Alisha Sanvicens, Goldpress Paper, http://www.goldpresspaper.com/

Lettering by Alisha Sanvicens, Goldpress Paper. http://www.goldpresspaper.com/


Issue 21: Invest

February 2017

Faithful readers may have noticed we took a brief hiatus after the holidays to regroup, strategize, and invest in our families. We’re back this month with all we’ve been learning, and we have many more exciting issues and guest contributors in the months ahead. This month, guest contributor Temple West joins us to share wisdom gleaned from her authorly journey and to celebrate the release of the second book in her Velvet trilogy later this month. We also have personal, poetic, and humorous reflections on our theme, and we hope the mutual investment of contributors and readers will yield meaningful returns.

Photo credit via dogonews.com via Wikimedia Commons (public domain)

Arrows into darkness

by J.M. Roddy



Keeping Time 

by Stephanie Platter



Reverse the polarity!

by Rachel Womelsduff Gough


Photo by: Hayley Moore

Fired Up on the Turnip Truck

by Marissa Niranjan



Find a way

by T. West



Blind as a Bat 

by Claire Carey Deering