From Claire Carey Deering

CLAIRE CAREY DEERING lives with her husband and son in a small desert town. She doesn’t write as much these days, but she loves symbolism, so she is especially excited to tell you her new house is on Hope Drive.

Making peace with gardens and vacuums

For a week straight my son is fixated on the vacuum, a driven, crazed sort of obsession that borders on the insane. He says, “Bacoon,” and makes a whooshing noise with his little baby lips and points furiously toward the basement stairs. “Do you want to see the vacuum?” “Yes,” he says in a way that means, Yes! Why are we wasting our time with this wooden tricycle and PVC-free blocks? Bring me to that dust-covered vacuum! But the moment we reach the concrete floor of the basement, the second that two-foot purplish canister comes into view, my brave toddler…